Sunday Drive

We went on a Sunday drive instead of going to church.  No destination in mind, we went west, straight into the shadow of Mount Princeton.  There is one point in the pass before it disappears behind a minor rise along the roadside, amazing as the mountain stands over 14,000 feet above sea level.   The rise a large mole hill.  Mt. Princeton humbled me and I felt the spirituality of being full of the light of life.  In that moment I felt anything but depression.

I do maintain objectivity in spiritual matters.  Life happens and there are times it’s a slap in the face, other a fork in the road, and lastly a blessings with lessons or road signs messaging me to “go this way”.

One direction is to be mindful.  Mindfulness gained some celebrity in the recent past few years.  It’s been around forever.  Our heads get in the way.

A dear friend handed me a book in the early 1980’s entitled BE HERE NOW.  The book was published during the height of the flower power movement.  The book  gave lessons on  Mindfulness without using that terminology.  I learned to feel the air, the ground, the breeze, the thing you hold in your hand and your hand itself. Look around you, see the sky, the birds, see everything.  Listen, all senses open and engaged.  When I will myself to be in the moment I feel a type of energy unlike anything else.  The energy feels alive.  I could feel that all day long, but I’m not always in the moment.  I have to be willing to open up to the spirit.  I have to be ready.  I need to move out of my own way.

It has been a long stretch of time since I gave thought to this.  I recall one fine, sunny day the local swimming pool in Key West, BE HERE NOW resting in my lap.  A new swimmer, one who 2 weeks prior took their first swim lesson, boasted their plans to  compete in the Key West, Florida swim around the island. The distance is approximately 14 miles.   The water is undrinkable (salt water), the sun beats down upon the water mercilessly frying any unprotected human flesh in its beam.  There are sea creatures or parts of creatures floating in the water ready to sting and make the rest of your week mighty uncomfortable.  The race is not for the meek nor the untrained.  For the first time in my life I easily formed the word: bullshit to his claim of readiness to conquer the ocean, swim the distance.   With clarity of being comes clarity of thought.  Clear as a bell, Bullshit! rings in my ears when previously I would have bought it.  For the first time the spirit in me told me to trust in my own knowledge and instincts, to be confident in my own thoughts.


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