Time away

For my one follower, I write just for you.  I have been preoccupied achieving employment, getting my dinky garden in shape for the summer season, and sorting through the importance of people in or out of my life.

The latter of which takes up a great deal of space in my head.  I have a husband who loves me unconditionally, and two nieces just a few years younger than myself.  My home is a thousand plus miles between the two, I wish them closer, I wish them to visit. They have their lives and their children.  I love them unconditionally and continue to understand they are not going to come.

Once in a while I test my doorbell to see if it’s working.  The mat outside the front door still says “Welcome” yet it lays in place, waiting for a new set of footprints to stand upon it. My broom sweeps away the red Colorado dust. A few pieces of nature’s cast offs get stuck in spider webs that need to be cleared away so as not to scare the neighbors.

It baffles me no one wants to visit.  I live on the foothills on the front range of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Colorado’s  wildflowers are starting to show their beautiful, colorful faces and dress up the place.  A random glance at Facebook and I see a “friend” was in the state yet did not reach out to me.  Tears fell into my lap as if I were riding THE MAID OF THE MIST  beneath Niagara Falls.

My husband and his brothers’ have a cabin in the great wide open of horse country. Our situation is to be the caretakers:  if anything, we have taken the time there to make the place useable.  I went so far as to homey the place up, hoping for an acknowledgement of our efforts.  Hubby and I are about the only ones to use the place.  Sometimes one of the  of brothers offspring  use the place.  They have visited, adding nothing aside from scars of their presence.  Not a thank you, a how’d ya do, it was nice or even it sucked.  The last visitors left it clean, which is appreciated.  The only signs they had been there were the dirty sheets, a contribution of firewood (finally), a footprint on a mirror in the bathroom about four and half feet off the floor, and pee on the toilet rim and bowl.  I will give them they left it in fairly nice shape in comparison to some  previous visits that broke our hearts and created a huge wedge between us and the brothers.  I’d had the nerve to tell the kid how it hurt us and to ask they leave the cabin the way they found or in better condition.  For that, I have been villainized.  My consolation is knowing what goes around will indeed come back around to them, not by me but by their own doing.

I prefer tea parties (sans the politics) to pity parties. There are handful of folks out there that do see what I’ve contributed to WordPress.  They encourage me to keep writing.  Like you, I wish they would stand on the Welcome mat, reading my words and in that way, come for a visit.

For you, my follower, thank you for coming.  Its only a pleasure to have you.