Knowing Better

The problem I’m having, so soon in this Administration’s life, is to keep my mouth shut my thoughts from whirling out of control.  We have a new President, and I am patiently willing to give them a chance.

Frustration sets in nearly every time they speak out.  I wonder if they understand the general populous of the United States is not suffering from memory challenges.  Some of us actually take notes.  I remember what he said in regards to an important agency connected to our safety, and what was stated was not pretty.  If “what was stated” showed up at my door  without so much as a bouquet of posies or a decent bottle of wine, I wouldn’t open up the door.   Based on past behaviors of blame without shame, they aren’t going to change.  Nor will it do us any favors.

In my life I’ve had to eat a lot of crow for mouthing off.  It did not taste like chicken; instead like skree infused slippery mud clinging to a steep uphill slope.  I hate eating Crow and while I give it my best to be real, be myself, and strive to live truthfully, I make mistakes.  Living in truth is so much easier than that little white lie, or the twisted tale difficult to retell with all the same details. Are the untruths so all encompassing they live in a twisted heap of deception so tangled and dense they cannot see their way out?

During his show at the CIA,   an”Oops” would have helped me to feel like we have some humility in the White House. Why can’t he  own up to what he spit out? Why don’t they just put on some new big boy pants and wear them honestly?  A commentator ( and I am sorry my note taking fell short of jotting down their name) who walked often into  CIA headquarters stated from where the podium/microphone was placed, the new President faced a wall in which a scripture was inscribed:  And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free   John 8:32-36.

They don’t know how.   Do they know to speak with forethought?  I doubt that, too. Spontaneity on steroids? Yes.  Flying by the seat of their pants ?  Absolutely.  It’s exciting, however a risky way to operate. Somebody be sure to record the moment he states something unusual like: Beer will be free from now on!    I know more than the brewery! Lets all go on a picnic!  KFC will feed us all for free!  I know more than the chickens (Thank goodness for that much).  I know more than the weather!  It’s going to be a fabulous picnic.

May God Bless the people of the world, and may God help us all.



The above photograph was taken on an Iphone 4s.  The location is above treeline, at approximately 12 thousand feet.  As usual, we didn’t take enough hiking stuff (water, food, stick, map, yada yada) and found ourselves breathing hard with headaches from not drinking enough water along the way.  We wanted to walk further, amongst the giant mountains surrounding us, thinking better of it in our state of discomfort.  Hurry spring., we’re coming back.

I believe the mountain to be known in Breckenridge, Colorado as Old Baldy.  I’ve lived in Colorado since  1998.  There are many references to Mt. Baldy in different areas I have been to.  We have one on the front range outside of Colorado Springs, the one on Boreas Pass and I am sure there are others.